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Velociraptor Dinosaur Plush Toy With Sounds


Roar into fun with this Velociraptor Dinosaur Plush Toy With Sounds, a captivating toy for dinosaur aficionados! This plush features a cool grey and striking blue patterned fabric, reminiscent of the velociraptor's dynamic presence in the ancient world. It's equipped with bright yellow look and a mouth of soft, safe teeth. Press its belly to hear realistic dinosaur sounds, adding an extra layer of excitement to play!


  • Enthusiasts of dinosaurs can enjoy the chance to nestle up to plush figures that draw inspiration from their most cherished characters.
  • The Velociraptor 'Blue' plush dinosaur is a snuggly monster, standing at 6-8 inches tall. Its tactile layers provide a soft and snuggly experience.
  • Activate the roaring life of the dinosaur toy with just a simple press to its belly and enjoy the sounds it produces!
  • Handcrafted details, including visible stitching and a blend of various fabrics, add a significant dose of authenticity to each plush figure.
  • This collection of plush toys makes for an excellent gift choice for children aged 3 years and older, providing them with a fun prehistoric adventure.