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Watch your silly adorable cactus friend bust a move and play on repeat!

This Dancing cactus doll is a sure fire hit this summer with kids and adults alike! Watch this little guy go as he wiggles, twists and worms his little dance, repeating what you say and singing a cheerful tune! With the soft plush, non-toxic material this dancing cactus is made from, you can even hug and let your kids cuddle him without the constant fear of them hurting themselves on sharp edges or experiencing ill after effects. 

Worried about bored children terrorizing your summer? Let your dancing cactus buddy amuse and distract them with his adorably goofy smile, and take the break you need while he's at it.

Whether you buy this dancing cactus as a gift, for yourself or simply to entertain your kids, this little guy will do his best to show you how to have fun! He’s even perfectly portable too! Meaning you can bring this little guy along for a picnic party, travelling road trip or anywhere else you may need an entertaining friend. 

Our goal is to balance quality products with affordable prices that you just can't turn up! Therefore, we do our best to make sure each product that leaves our store meets industry standards using the best quality materials we can source, without adding those dreaded extra dollar signs to the price tags. Satisfied customers encourage us to keep working towards creating fun and memorable products that will have the whole family in stitches and bonding together! 

We want to hear what you think too! Have an issue or question you want to ask us? Don’t sit on it, we want to make sure each customer is happy with the products they receive. Feel free to reach out through our email at info@smartdancingcactus.com!