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Unicorn Puppies Mother And Baby Animal Stuffed Plush Toy


Unleash the enchantment with our Unicorn Puppies Mother and Baby Animal Stuffed Plush Toy a delightful family of unicorns that promises endless joy. This plush toy introduces a lovable mommy unicorn with an enchanting secret – mini babies that can be gently removed through the zippered opening on mommy's tummy.


  • Whimsical Surprise: Delight in the magic of discovery! The plush mommy unicorn comes with mini babies, offering an extra layer of whimsy and surprise for imaginative play.
  • Softest Plush Comfort: Crafted from the softest plush material, this unicorn family is the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for both girls and boys, providing a huggable and comforting experience.
  • Versatile Playtime: Ideal for tea parties or story time, these plush dolls for girls spark creativity and endless adventures with their charming design.
  • Colorful Family Set: The set includes a Mommy with her babies, each unicorn boasting a unique and vibrant color, creating a visually appealing and delightful collection.