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Spinoceratops Dinosaur Plush Toy


Let your child sleep easy with the Spinoceratops Dinosaur Plush Toy by their side, ready to embark on exciting adventures in dreamland. This plush companion boasts a floppy bottom and emits a powerful roaring sound with a gentle squeeze to its right, making it the ideal buddy for both naptime adventures. The toy is not just a playmate; it doubles as the perfect inspiration for a nighttime snuggle companion.


  • This plush toy of Spinoceratops Dinosaur has floppy feet and makes a powerful roaring sound when you squeeze her right foot. It's perfect for both naptime!
  • As a Sinoceratops / Spinosaurus hybrid able to generate her own heat, This Toy is the perfect inspiration for a nighttime plush toy to snuggle under the covers.
  • At 13 inches long, she's made with stylish fabrics that are fun to touch and weighted feet that make her floppy and fun.
  • Sleep easy with this plush toy keeping watching out for dinosaur attacks in the night!
  • This soft doll makes a great gift for kids and collectors ages 3 years old and up.