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Spider Man Plush Doll


Get ready for wall-crawling fun with this Spider Man Plush Doll! This adorable plush is a lively take on the favorite arachnid-inspired hero, featuring a bright red body with signature web detailing and a bold blue base. The plush includes a petite black spider emblem on the front, completing its heroic look.


  • The Spider-Man Plush Doll is a soft, rounded pillow doll inspired by the superhero Spider-Man.
  • It stands 5 inches tall and is designed for fans to get up close and huggable with their favorite superhero.
  • The plush is made with tactile fabrics, making it extra squishy and enjoyable for play. It features the iconic Spider-Man costume for easy recognition.
  • This plush toy is suitable for kids and collectors aged 3 years and up.