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Space Ship Designed Rounded Plush Doll


Enhance the playtime of your kid with these Space Ship Designed Rounded Plush Doll. The iconic design elements of the character are captured in the plush figure, with costume details that are instantly recognizable to fans. These elements contribute to the plush toy's appeal as a collectible item, as they evoke the essence of the character in a unique and endearing plush form.


  • Kids can enjoy the company of these plush figures, which take inspiration from their favorite characters, up close and in a huggable form!
  • Each soft doll features a rounded design, making it exceptionally squishy and perfect for generous hugs.
  • Standing at a convenient 5 inches in height, these character plushies are versatile, whether for reenacting adventures or snuggling up during naptime.
  • The presence of iconic costumes enhances their desirability as collectibles.
  • These plush figures are an excellent choice as a gift for kids and collectors aged 3 years and older.