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Red Fox Plush Toy For Kids


Introduce the Red Fox Plush Toy to your family, a realistic and endearing stuffed creature that is sure to delight anyone who holds it. This charming fox plush features vivid, expressive eyes and a full, white-tipped tail that add to its authentic appearance and make it a standout piece in any setting, ideal for those who admire canine beauty. The plush’s fabric is soft, making it extremely embraceable and appropriate for little ones.

Accented with black-tipped ears, tender black fabric paws, and a plush body, this toy invites affectionate hugs. This plush fox is a fitting selection for any individual, regardless of age, providing a touch of wildlife charm to any gift-giving occasion. Our collection extends beyond the fox, encompassing a range of plush animals from the animal kingdom, each crafted to inspire and become loyal pals for adventures and comfort.


  • Lifelike Features: This fox plush boasts bright eyes, a bushy, white-tipped tail, black-tipped ears, soft black fabric paws, capturing the essence of a real red fox.
  • Soft : Its soft fur design make it perfect for young children and a delightful companion for all ages.
  • Cherished Gift: Suitable for children, teens, and adults, making it an ideal and versatile gift choice for various occasions.
  • Size: Measures 12 inches tall, providing a substantial and lovable size for endless cuddles and play.