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Platypus With White Belly Plush Soft Toy


Welcome the Platypus With White Belly Plush Soft Toy into your collection. This plush creation is soft to the touch and boasts a distinctive multi-color splash design that sets it apart. Made with durable materials, it ensures a reliable and enjoyable tactile experience for kids of all ages. Adorned with a spectrum of pastel colors, complete with a friendly face and a prominent bill, this toy is ready to become a favorite companion. Measuring 14 inches from tip to tail, it's perfectly sized for embracing and imaginative play.


  • Soft Plush Texture: Crafted from soft plush materials for a comforting and inviting touch.
  • Distinctive Platypus Styling: With a unique platypus design accented by a colorful splash, it’s a playful addition to any toy collection.
  • Suitable for Kids: Constructed with sturdy materials that stand up to playtime, ensuring a safe experience for children.
  • Pastel Palette: Featuring a variety of pastel shades, complete with an engaging face and long beak, it’s appealing to youngsters.