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Panther Superhero Plush Toy


Leap into action with this Panther Superhero Plush Toy, a sleek and huggable defender for your little hero at home. This plush is dressed in a striking black suit with silver tribal accents that reflect the attire of a noble warrior from a hidden technologically advanced kingdom.  Non-toxic and safe for children, this plush toy is a wonderful companion for any aspiring protector of justice.


  • The plush toy stands at 8 inches tall. It is designed to be a soft and huggable representation of the Black Panther character, capturing his iconic look in a plush form.
  • Made with fabrics and fun-to-touch textiles, the plush toy is designed to be both durable and snuggly, making it suitable for play.
  • This plush toy is suitable for Marvel fans and collectors aged 3 years and older, making it an ideal gift for children and adult collectors alike.
  • The Panther plush includes special details that enhance its collectability and recognition, such as the superhero's iconic costume.