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Little Groot Rounded Plush Doll


Let your little ones' imagination run wild with this Little Groot Rounded Plush Doll. This plush figure represents a pleasant blend of playability and collectability, making them an excellent gift option for kids starting at 3 years old, as well as for older collectors who appreciate the whimsical portrayal of their favorite characters. Their small stature makes them an ideal companion for children during play, allowing for imaginative reenactment of adventures.


  • Children can bring their special superheroes and villains to life
  • These soft dolls are designed with rounded shapes, making them incredibly squishy and ideal for big hugs!
  • Measuring a convenient 5 inches in height, these small character plushies are ideal for reenacting adventures or cozying up during naptime.
  • The inclusion of iconic costumes enhances their appeal as collectible superhero figures.
  • This diverse selection of plush toys makes an excellent gift for kids and collectors aged 3 years and above.