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Kelen And Cinnamon Roll Reversible Plush Toy


Satisfy your sweet tooth with this Kelen And Cinnamon Roll Reversible Plush Toy that transforms from a whimsical Kelen to a delectable cinnamon roll. Made with a swirl of creativity, it's a pleasant treat for the imagination and the ideal ingredient for a dash of lively fun.

Key Features:

  • Size: Comfortably squishy and suitable for all ages.
  • Material: Ultra-soft plush fabric with a comforting feel to the touch, safe for kids.
  • Intended Age Range: Ideal for children 3 years and older, offering a safe and joyful playtime experience.
  • Special Features: Clever reversible design switches from a fantastical Kelen creature to a sweet cinnamon roll, providing two toys in one.
  • Technical Specifications: Crafted with child-safe materials and sturdy stitching for a durable and long-lasting play companion.
  • Shape: The Kelen has a rounded, cup-like shape with a whipped topping, while the cinnamon roll is depicted in a classic spiral form with icing.
  • Pattern: Pastel colors with a marbled effect for the Kelen, and a warm, toasty brown with icing swirls for the cinnamon roll.
  • Texture: The toy features a soft, smooth texture that is comforting to hold, with added elements to simulate the icing and sprinkles.
  • Design: Each character boasts its own set of pretty, embroidered facial features that enhance its unique personality.

While this reversible toy combines two entertaining designs into one, its distinctive look is unparalleled, creating a singular choice for those seeking a unique plush friend.


  • 2 characters in 1! Flip it inside out
  • Measures 5 inches tall / 12.7cm
  • Great for collecting
  • For ages 3 and up
  • Machine washable or spot clean