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Kawaii Cat Animal Kitten Plushie


Embrace the charm and whimsy of the Kawaii Cat Animal Kitten Plushie, an appealing addition to any plush toy collection. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this plushie captures the essence of kawaii culture, bringing a touch of Japanese design right into your home.

Product Features:

  • Soft and Comfortable Texture: Made from premium, ultra-soft materials, this plushie offers a comforting, gentle touch, ideal for cozy cuddles.

  • Vibrant and Expressive Design: Features vibrant colors and an expressive, adorable face that is sure to capture everyone's attention.

  • High-Quality Craftsmanship: Each plushie is carefully constructed with durable stitching to ensure long-lasting quality and enjoyment.

  • Perfect Size for Cuddling: Measuring at a convenient size, this plushie is perfect for hugs, snuggles, and as a cheerful companion.

      Product information:

      • Number of Pieces: ‎1
      • Material type: Polyester

      Product Dimensions and Weight:

      • 11.8 inch: 29.97 x 20.83 x 5.84 cm; 159 Grams
      • 15.7 inch:39.88 x 27.94 x 8.89 cm; 308 Grams
      • 23.6 inch: 59.94 x 43.18 x 12.7 cm; 608 Grams