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Grogu Character Plush Doll


Let your unwinding session be more productive with this Grogu Character Plush Doll. This adorable plush toy brings the cherished character from the screen to life, allowing fans to interact with Grogu in an endearing and playful manner. The interactive features include a press that will trigger the plush doll to pose that fans will recognize as Grogu's use of the Force.


  • Children can make Grogu come alive with this plush toy that features movements and sounds inspired by the beloved character from the screen!
  • Simply give Grogu's plush form a gentle squeeze on one side to witness his eyes blinking and hear realistic, soft vocal sounds.
  • On the other side, press to see the plush doll raise his hand in a pose reminiscent of the Force.
  • Standing at approximately 11 inches tall, Squeeze & Blink Grogu boasts authentic details that are ideal for reenacting scenes or embarking on exciting new adventures.
  • This collectible plush is an excellent gift choice for fans of all ages!