Dancing Happy Yellow Hat Cactus Toy


The Dancing Happy Yellow Hat Cactus Toy is a fun and interactive way to get kids moving and talking. This cactus is made from durable plastic, has bright colors, and makes noise! Singing Bunnies, This Is Your Life, Velveteen Rabbit, Goodnight Moon. The perfect toy for everyone ages 1-4 years old. It won't make your kid jump up and down in joy but it will provide lots of entertainment for hours with no batteries needed!

Put on some batteries, push the button on the cactus and it can sing, twist, dance.

Place this tiny, in-demand cactus in any space; children adore them, and adults do too, invisibly. If you enjoy company, this is the best music toy for kids and a necessity for you. People of all ages would adore the stuffed plush toy known as the "Dancing Cactus Toy"! It has the appearance of a cactus in a pot and has a silly grin that would make everyone laugh.

When turned on, this little cactus dances to a tune and shows off its incredible dance moves, and repeats what you or your kid say, helping the kids learn to speak.

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What is the size of this dancing cactus toy?

Its size is 32 cm long and weighs around 210 gms.

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ATTRACTIVE: The Dancing Cactus Toy is an incredibly adorable plushie in the shape of a cactus! It has a very friendly face that would definitely entice anyone of all ages! Your kids can definitely have a lot of fun with their new, spiky friend! Comes with three songs included.

MUSICAL: The Dancing Cactus Toy actually knows how to have a lot of fun! It dances around in a circle and even wiggles its arms in delight. It can play 120 different songs that are definitely going to bring a lot of fun and laughter into your home!

PORTABLE: The Dancing Cactus Toy is quite lightweight and can definitely be taken anywhere it needs to go! Its portability feature is definitely very important when it comes to keeping your kids entertained in the car or at home.

Perfect gift for birthdays, children and adults will love them for sure. It can be hard looking for hours to find a gift for your lovely little ones, trust us we've been there.

Looks great as an ornament, but plays music and transforms into a cool singing-dancing Cactus. Truly unique when the Cactus Plush starts its party piece and starts twirling and dancing to your favorite tune. 

Package included:
1*Dancing Happy Yellow Hat Cactus Toy

Batteries (Not Included )