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Cow Soft Plush Toys


Measuring 7.5 inches tall (19.05cm), these soft and snuggly Cow Soft Plush Toys boast a fun design that is as charming as it is huggable. Ideal for ages 3 and up, these plush toys are not only a source of comfort but also a pleasant addition to any collection.


  • Size: 7.5 inches tall (19.05cm)
  • Material: Premium soft plush fabric for a luxurious feel
  • Special Features: Adorable cow design, ideal for collecting or gifting
  • Texture: Silky soft with a plush feel, providing a comforting touch
  • Design: Charming and detailed, capturing the essence of a charming cow
  • Machine Washable or Spot Clean: Easy to clean for hassle-free maintenance
  • Shape: Sturdy construction ensures an amusing, standing cow-shape
  • Pattern: Realistic and visually appealing, adding to the toy's charm

Bring joy and comfort to your valued ones with these irresistibly pretty Cow Soft Plush Toys – a satisfying addition to any plush collection and a cherished friend for every child.