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C3Po Plush Toy


Set off on a cosmic journey with this C3Po Plush Toy! This endearing toy comes in a golden hue, reminiscent of the droids that navigate starships and converse in many languages across the universe. Its large, detailed, and intricate embroidery mimics the complex design of a protocol droid's features. Soft to the feel and constructed from high-quality materials, this plush is designed for both play and companionship.


  • This plush toy is approximately 7 inches tall and features a teddy bear-like body with a snuggly sitting position, designed to be comforting for fans of all ages.
  • The toy is made with a combination of fun-to-touch textiles and premium fabrics, adding to its snuggly and huggable appeal.
  • The plush captures the iconic appearance and signature looks of C-3PO, making it easily recognizable and a fun collectible item.
  • It's a suitable gift option for fans and collectors aged 3 years and older.