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Black Highland Calf Plush


Introducing the latest star of our farm animal plush series, the Eco-Friendly Black Highland Calf Plush! This Highland calf toy is not just irresistibly soft and endearing but also serves as an educational companion for children fascinated by farm life. Made with ultra-soft materials, it's designed for endless comfort during cuddling sessions. This plush features lifelike faux fur, adding charm and realism to your collection. It also includes an informative tag, offering insights into the animal's habits, diet, and care, enhancing the learning experience. Standing 9 inches tall, it's a sought-after member of our farm animal plush series.


  • Ultra-Soft Fabric: Crafted from extremely soft materials for continuous comfort and affectionate interactions.
  • Informative Tag Included: Comes with an educational tag that sheds light on farmyard animals, enriching children's understanding and appreciation.
  • Perfectly Sized: At 9 inches tall, this calf plush is ideally sized for hugging and adds a lovely touch to any collection.
  • Environmentally Conscious: A part of our eco-friendly plush range, designed with sustainable practices in mind.
  • Thoughtful Present: An excellent gift for children who love animals and are eager to have a new, adorable companion.