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Bandana Dragon Plush Toy


Introducing our adorable Bandana Dragon Plush Toy – Tatiana! This 7.5-inch Squishmallows creation is the ideal snuggle friend for dragon enthusiasts of all ages. Made from ultra-soft materials, Tatiana boasts a charming bandana design that adds a touch of whimsy to playtime or naptime. 

  • Size: Fits flawlessly making it a huggable size for children and collectors alike.
  • Material: Crafted from high-quality, super-soft plush materials, ensuring a soft touch and feel during every snuggle session.
  • Age Range: Suitable for ages 3 and up, providing a safe and cozy companion for children.
  • Cleaning: Easy to maintain, Tatiana is machine washable or can be spot-cleaned for convenient care and hygiene.
  • Design: Tatiana the Dragon comes adorned with a charming bandana, adding a unique and playful flair to its appearance.
  • Included: Each purchase includes (1) 7.5" Squishmallows Plush, Tatiana the Dragon (Bandana), ready to bring joy and comfort to your little one.

Bring the magic of Tatiana the Bandana Dragon into your home, and let the softness and whimsy enchant your child's playtime or become a cherished collectible for any dragon enthusiast.


  • Soft and Squishmallows
  • Measures 7.5 inches tall / 19.05cm
  • For ages 3 and up
  • Machine washable or spot-clean
  • Includes (1) 7.5" Squishmallows Plush, Tatiana the Dragon (Bandana)