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14-Inch Ultrasoft Sven Plush Toy


Journey into a world of snowy adventures with the "14-Inch Ultrasoft Sven Plush Toy," a charming and cuddly rendition of the loyal reindeer from Disney's Frozen. Its ultra-soft fabric and lifelike detailing make it a delightful playtime companion for children.


  • Beloved Softness: These Sven plush toys are made with ultra-soft materials, ensuring they become a favorite for children seeking playful and comforting companions.
  • Classic Collection Piece: As a classic stuffed animal, this Sven plush seamlessly joins any collection of Frozen dolls and merchandise, adding a touch of adventure and friendship to your ensemble.
  • High-Quality Fabric: Crafted from high-quality, ultra-soft fabrics, this plush toy is durable and gentle, perfect for both playtime adventures and relaxed moments.
  • Ideal Size for Adventure: At 14 inches, the Sven plush is a great size for kids to play with, providing a substantial yet manageable companion for all their imaginative journeys.
  • Authentic and Detailed: This plush toy captures Sven's friendly and loyal spirit with realistic detailing, from his antlers to his warm expression, bringing a piece of the Frozen world into your home.