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10-Inch Pikachu Electric Charge Plush Toy


Dive into the Pokémon universe with the Electric Charge Pikachu Plush Toy, a 10-inch interactive delight that brings the iconic Pikachu to life. This plush toy, an officially licensed Pokémon product, is designed for an engaging and immersive play experience, suitable for Pokémon fans of all ages.


  • Interactive Experience: This plush toy is packed with over 20 authentic Pikachu sounds and more than 30 unique reactions. It’s designed to mimic Pikachu's movements and expressions, featuring lights and sounds that enhance playtime.

  • Soft and Comfortable Material: While interactive in nature, this plush toy is also made with a plush material, ideal for holding during Play time or as a delightful companion during the day.

  • Responsive Actions: Tailored to respond to touch, this Pikachu plush toy reacts when you pet or rub its head, and pressing its belly initiates engaging responses, making every interaction enjoyable.

  • Charge-Up Feature: Engage with Pikachu by pressing and holding its head to activate a special feature. The intensity of this feature increases the longer you hold, culminating in a display of light and sound effects.