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Sesame Street Elmo Talking Plush Toy


Get ready for uproarious laughter and playful moments with the Sesame Street Elmo Talking Plush Toy. Designed for kids of all ages, this adorable Elmo doll is more than just a toy; he's a giggling, kicking, and falling-over delight that brings joy to toddlers and Sesame Street fans alike.


  • Ticklish Hysterics: Elmo is outrageously ticklish! Watch as he laughs hysterically, kicks his legs, and then playfully falls over. The giggles and joy make him the perfect companion for toddlers aged 2 and up.

  • Special Tickle Feature: Experience the magic of tickling Elmo! With a built-in tickle sensor, Elmo reacts to tickles by giggling and kicking his legs in anticipation. The more you tickle, the more he laughs - it's a kicking giggle fit!

  • Interactive Play: Elmo falls backward after a series of tickles, prompting kids to join in the fun by saying, "Again! Again!" The interactive nature of this plush toy keeps kids engaged and chuckling along.

  • Bilingual Capability: Enjoy the added charm of bilingual phrases. Elmo speaks in both English and Spanish, saying phrases like “Muchas cosquillas!” This feature enhances language learning for kids ages 18 months and above.