Plush Kids Playset


Plush Kids Playset has multiple themes and plush toys for both boys and girls. The sets contain multiple small toys like cute plush cookies, toolkits, purses, and credit cards. The sports equipment and plush balls are some of the exciting elements of this set. 


  • Measure 5 inches tall
  • These plush playsets are known for quality, soft, huggable plush designs & gifts, bears & toys that appeal to all ages, from infants & toddlers to adults, and are perfect for play, collecting, and cuddling.
  • This ultra-huggable kid toy plush is easy to handle and take care of. These are machine washable and dry quickly.  
  • The five-piece playset includes one each for both boys and girls. The following items are inside a self-contained plush glittery pink castle bag, a princess crinkle doll, a magic mirror, a squeaker wand, and a unicorn sound toy.