Mother And Baby Animal Stuffed Plush Toy

Mother And Baby Animal Stuffed Plush Toy is the softest and made with the plushest material. It can be your best mate for cuddling and hugging. The mother and a baby plush toy make a wonderful Christmas or Birthday gift. It will keep you engaged and make bedtime and playtime more enjoyable. 

  • This plush toy is a stuffed mommy that comes with a little surprise. The surprise is mini babies that can be removed through the zippered opening on mommy’s tummy.
  • We use the softest and plushest materials to make them perfect for hugging and cuddling. Each of the unicorns are designed with snuggles and cuddles.
  • Since this is the softest plush it makes a great Christmas or birthday gift for girls and boys. These plush dolls for girls can be used for tea parties or story time. This soft and comforting family will become favorite companions for playtime and bedtime.
  • The set of comes with a Mommy with her babies and all of the family having different colors.