Top 5 Situations Where a Dancing Cactus Might Just Save The Day

Top 5 Situations Where a Dancing Cactus Might Just Save The Day

Top 5 Situations Where a Dancing Cactus Might Just Save The Day

So you’re here, reading this blog, meaning you’re probably already tempted to buy one of Dancing Cactuses to add to your home; but you’re hesitating. Maybe you’re trying to convince your wife about the benefits of getting this cactus toy for your children, or you’re currently debating between a few toys while weighing the pros and cons for each.

Well we’re here today to give you that helping hand in coming up with reasons why you definitely should give our Dancing Cactus friend a chance. Even if you aren’t completely convinced by the end, we hope you at least can get a chuckle or two out of it! 

So without further ado, let’s get into the meat of the matter and start talking about the sort of situation where our Dancing Cactus might just save the day!

Your baby won’t stop crying

Let’s start with a classic example. If you’ve had the chance to read through one of our other blog posts where we discuss the educational benefits of our Cactus toy, you’ll already be familiar with the term Object Permanence. However, just as a recap for new readers and people who want to know; object permanence is the understanding that things continue to exist even when we can’t see them directly in front of us.

You might be thinking that seems like a no-brainer concept, but it’s actually a pretty difficult one for babies to grasp at first! Why do you think the game Peek-a-boo entertains them so much? It’s because the moment they stop seeing you they genuinely believe you’ve stopped existing, making them all the happier when they see you’re there again.

So using this concept of object permanence, we can safely say that bright noisy objects definitely grab and hold their attention. So in the case of having a baby crying that won’t stop, this is the perfect tool to grab and hold their attention. Likely, in the process, they’ll even forget about whatever initially triggered the whole crying fit; and instead go back to being a happy burbling baby content to watch our Dancing Cactus go!

Your kids are bored at Grandma’s house

Next up, we have a dreaded situation that many children and parents alike have had to struggle through. Don’t get us wrong, we love our Grandparents and enjoy spending time with them too, but let’s face it. There are only so many stories children can sit through before they begin to grow bored. 

And as much as our grandparents deny it, they aren’t as spry or young as they used to be. It’s simply unreasonable to expect grandparents to be able to keep up with their hyperactive grandchildren all the time, just as it’s equally unreasonable to expect said grandchildren to be able to sit quietly for hours listening to story after story without being bored to tears.

So save both parties the hassle of tip-toeing around each other by getting them a Dancing Cactus that can entertain the kids, without giving their grandparents much of a hard time. They may even secretly love the cactus as much as their grandchildren do; though whether they’ll admit it or not is another question entirely.

Your kids are bored on a road trip

If you’re a frequent traveler with kids, you’re bound to have come across a situation like this before. Even though phones and tablets have greatly decreased the number of “are we there yet?”, they can only really keep them entertained for so long. 

Besides, the phone/ tablet itself is only as entertaining as the game already preloaded; and unless you’re driving around in a car that has tons of extra outlets and a router installed in it, they’re bound to either get bored or run out of battery eventually.

Then, come those dreaded questions and whines or bored children. It’s not only hair pullingly stressful though, it’s can also be dangerously distracting while driving! Especially if your kid happens to be a seat kicker. So to keep their mind off their boredom, what better way is there than to give them a dancing singing toy that’s all smiles and fun?

And sure, the songs may get repetitive, but it’s leagues better than having crying/ whining children constantly poking or prodding at you. In the greater scheme of things, our Dancing Cactus is the lesser of two evils.

You’re looking for a present for a niece or nephew you don’t know too well

Gifts are hard, we get it. We also understand how busy life can get for everyone, so no, we aren’t judging you if you aren’t super chummy and close with your nieces and nephews. Not every uncle or aunt can achieve the status or cool, or have the time to spoil their siblings' kids behind their backs.

However, the least you can do is still remember their birthdays and get them a gift so they still remember you’re a relative! While we can’t guarantee your nieces and nephews will be falling over themselves in love with the gift of our Dancing Cactus, we can say they’ll likely appreciate it more than a pack of socks or other mundane safe presents people tend to buy.

Who knows, they may even find out they love our Dancing Cactus after seeing how it works and what it does! Our dancing Cactus even comes in a few cute variations too, such as a cowboy or sombrero wearing fella so if you’re looking to try and make them laugh, you could get them one of those instead.

All in all, our dancing cactus is a great gift for boys and girls alike, since his charming smile is sure to capture the heart of your nieces; while his goofy dance can snag a chuckle or two from your stubborn nephew.

You’re lonely and in need of company

Of course, there’s always the chance you could use a Cactus buddy yourself! Just because it’s marketed as a toy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy it just as much as them. If you ever feel lonely, or just want something that’ll make some noise or respond back to you when you’re feeling down, there’s nothing wrong with confiding in our Dancing Cactus.

The best thing about confiding in our Dancing Cactus, is he can’t really spill any of your secrets to anyone else! He’ll just politely smile and listen to whatever you have to say, even doing his little wiggly dance to cheer you up on your really bad days. So what do you have to lose?

Click Here to shop our collection of Dancing Cactuses today, you never know, he might just save the day!