Five Of The Coolest Indoor Cactus Species In The World

Five Of The Coolest Indoor Cactus Species In The World

Whether you currently live in a desert state or enjoy the unique anatomy of a prickly cactus, you know that having one of these succulents in your midst is both dangerous, and somehow peaceful. These individual structures have an entirely personalized physique that comes with a ton of cool features. Now, obviously owning one of these cacti and simply enjoying their presence is completely different. But, what if I told you there's a way for these superb creatures to make there way into your home and create a harmonious vibe in the process. Well, with the increasing technology and unique physicality, Cacti have come into the hearts of many in the miniature form of at-home garden companions. With that in mind, I'm here today to bring you the five coolest indoor cacti that YOU can bring into your life with ease! These simplistic structures come in a load of varieties that I'm sure will fill your lifestyle in no time. Without further adieu, here we go...


5. Old Lady Cactus

To crack the top of this list we start with a majestic beast known as the Old Lady Cactus, or for you science fanatics out there: Mammillaria hahniana. This unique cactus breed is well-known for its classic circular shape and for coming in a variety of colors depending on gender. These guys need a very little amount of water from their adaptive history in the desert. About one watering stint per week will have your Old Lady alive and well for years to come! 


4. Star Cactus

Next up we've got another simple-shaped breed that holds a unique style over the previous listing. The Star Cactus, also known as the Astrophytum asteria is exactly as its name would suggest, in the shape of a star. This guy is usually split into eight sections and covered in tiny white dots. When springtime rolls around, the Star Cactus yields a beautiful yellow-ish flower for you to enjoy. Don't worry about forgetting to give your Star water, he only needs it around once a month! 


3. Easter Cactus

Starting the holiday arc of our list, we enter a whole new level of beauty in the Easter Cactus. Otherwise known as the Hatiora gaertneri, this beloved cactus brings a bright color array in its flower to instantly add an elegant touch of nature to your home in seconds. With colors from ivory to bright pink, you can get a gorgeous addition out of your prickly friend. Another special fact about these cacti is that they are native to the South American Giant, Brazil. Similar to the Old Lady, this guy needs water about one time a week, so don't stress over feeding your companion. 


2. Christmas Cactus

Who knew cactus breeds were named after holidays? I sure didn't, but I NEED to tell you about the natural beauty the unique Christmas Cactus can bring into your life. Science refers to this guy as the Schlumbergera bridgesii, and brings a gorgeous bright red flower for you to enjoy, hence the name. This cactus almost looks more like a plant or flower, but still gives you that desert vibe. Every three to four weeks, Santa's favorite cactus needs a splash of water, so handling this guy is no real issue. Time to celebrate with eggnog, right? 


1. Moon Cactus

Now, I know that last listing is near perfect for a home companion, but we've got one more spectacular breed for you to check out. Give a warm welcome for the vibrant Moon Cactus! The Gymnocalycium mihanovichii is similar to the Christmas cactus with its three to four week watering period, and its bright red color. Sometimes the flower of this cactus can yield colors like orange & pink, but red towers over as the most prominent. This South American legend is the perfect indoor cactus for any home out there! 

Now that we've made it through our fun-filled list, what cactus do you like the most? Any of these cactus companions will make for an excellent garden tenant and will bring those sought-after calming vibes right to you. We hope you've enjoyed your ecology read and look forward to seeing what's in store. Watch out, these guys are incredibly sharp, so make sure to keep safety as your priority 100% of the time! 

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