5 Reason Why The Smart Dancing Cactus Toy Helps With Learning

5 Reason Why The Smart Dancing Cactus Toy Helps With Learning

5 Reason Why The Smart Dancing Cactus Toy Helps With Learning

Whether you’re a new expecting parent or an experienced one, navigating through the complex process of raising your children can be a daunting task. No matter how prepared you think you are, there’s always going to be those nagging “what if’s” and questions rattling about back there. Could you have done something different? Is there a better way to go about raising your children? Are you giving your child everything they need to thrive?

It’s hard to say as every day there seems to be a new article coming to light about this new game changing information to develop the smartest kids! Thus, leaving new and experienced parents floundering to try and catch up. Here at Dancing Cactus, we don’t claim our product will make your child the next Einstein; but we can help with the first baby steps towards development!

Wondering how a simple dancing cactus can be educational in any way? Well then sit back and get ready to learn about the intricate details of a child's mind! Today we’ll be going through 5 ways our dancing cactus toy can help with child development and maybe by the end, you may even think about getting one yourself!

Helps develops creativity

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Like most dolls and toys like these, one of the biggest things they can influence is your child’s creativity! While the concept may seem simple on paper, toys can be used in new and inventive ways depending on the imagination of the person playing with it. The Dancing Cactus can be thought of as a friend, given a personality and many more things by your child. 

By simply allowing them to come up with their own ideas and stories, their brains get to exercise their creative muscles! You could even encourage your kids to dress up the Dancing Cactus when they’re older and see what sort of imaginative designs they can make! 

Assists in building object permanence

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In the early stages of life, between 4 and 7 months, babies start to develop object permanence. For those who haven’t heard the term before, it’s the understanding that even if an object isn’t in our direct line of sight it still exists. Most babies don’t have a grasp of object permanence before this point, which is part of the reason they laugh and seem to really enjoy the game Peek-A-Boo so much! 

To them, when they can no longer see an object right in front of them, it ceases to exist! However with our Dancing Cactus’ ability to sing, dance and even mimic what you say, even when your child is not directly looking at it, they’ll still be able to hear and in some cases feel it through the ground should it be dancing. This indirectly helps them develop object permanence more quickly as their brains slowly warm up to the fact that the cactus is still there.

Builds Social Processing Skills

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Since our Dancing Cactus can sing and mimic people, your child can begin to learn conversational skills even if it’s a mainly one way form of communication. The Dancing Cactus may not understand what your kids are saying, but when they’re younger they won’t fully understand that either. Instead, they’re likely to see the Dancing Cactus as an encouraging and willing conversation partner, which both builds their confidence and may lead to them trying to talk more!

The preloaded songs also assist in the same way that other songs can be helpful in a child's development. By Exposing your children to music early, it can help them understand the meaning of certain words and phrases better! As they say, repetition is key when it comes to learning!

Allows them to improve motor skills

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As your child grows up and begins to develop fine motor skills such as picking this up and moving their bodies how they want; they may even start to dance along with the Cactus! Not to mention in earlier years they can practice grabbing the Cactus, which will likely be their response to the fun dancing creature set before them, and with it’s wiggly dance it may prove a harder target to grab hold of in comparison to their other toys.

In other words, the Dancing Cactus can be used as target practice for grabbing and indirectly also teaches them about depth perception as the Dancing Cactus leans closer at some points while being further at others.  

Stimulate their vision and other sensory skills

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Last But not least, the Dancing Cactus, being a noisy attention grabbing toy, easily stimulates their vision and other sensory skills such as touch and hearing! As the Dancing cactus practically demands your child to look at it with it’s adorable dance and songs, it can also improve your child's attention span!

Whether or not they realize it, their attention will continue to be drawn back to their new Cactus friend as he sings and dances!

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